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This year, the sixth conference on Artificial Intelligence for Defence will be held in Rennes from November 19 to 20, 2024. Organised by the AMIAD (French Defense Artificial Intelligence Agency) and the DGA (French Defence Procurement Agency), it will take place during the European Cyber Week (organised by the “Pôle d’excellence cyber” and its partners). CAID is the French reference conference on the subjects of Artificial Intelligence applied to Defense.

Artificial intelligence is a wide domain ranging from machine learning algorithms to operational research algorithms, designed to solve complex problems difficult to solve with explicit modelling, because either no modelization exists or their computational cost is too high. Recent progress in Artificial Intelligence, particularly in Deep Learning, led to numerous new applications of AI, including in the field of Defence.

CAID covers AI applications in all areas of Defence: infantry, air force, navy, cyberspace, intelligence … It also addresses specific challenges arising from applying AI techniques to such domains: the robustness of these systems to adversarial attacks, certification, data privacy, and low energy embedded systems. CAID represents a unique opportunity to discover these topics through presentations accessible to a wide audience, beginners included.


Program to come.

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