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Cyber cognitive threat seminar


Understand disinformation actions through an interdisciplinary vision of digital human vulnerabilities


“A phase of aggression against European countries through actions of disinformation but also cyber attacks, on a scale and with crossings of thresholds which change its nature and hardening in its country, in a few weeks, of an electoral deadline where, basically, a form of impunity has taken hold. » Mr. President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron. Press conference with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, February 16, 2024[1].

For four years, the seminar on cognitive threats in cyberspace has been offering an understanding of disinformation actions through an interdisciplinary vision of digital human vulnerabilities.

On February 16, 2024, the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron received the Ukrainian President in Paris. During this conference, the intensification of disinformation actions carried out against Europe and more particularly against France was recalled. The year 2024 already has two conflicts (in Ukraine and Gaza) but also two important elections (the European elections and the American presidential election) without forgetting the Paris Olympic Games. These events constitute opportunities for digital actors to carry out disinformation actions against European countries and even beyond.

The 2024 session on cognitive threats in cyberspace will analyze these attacks from three different but complementary axes.

• 1st topic: analysis of online discourse through the analysis of the narratives of the modes of propagation of information

The four speakers will develop the types of narratives used by digital actors to animate audiences with a view to carrying out digital and/or physical actions. This involves understanding the semantic and visual levers used by digital actors during disinformation campaigns in order to detect them and be able to propose appropriate protection measures.

• 2nd topic: operationalization of digital human vulnerabilities To understand the virality and scope of narratives

The four speakers will present the processing of information on a cognitive level. They will first focus on presenting the psychological traits of the digital actors behind these attacks in order to understand their specificities. The identification of cognitive biases and the automatic patterns used against audiences targeted by these actors will make it possible to understand part of the modes of action implemented during informational attacks.

  • 3rd topic : feedback from influence operations carried out (particularly in Ukraine)

To facilitate understanding of the principles announced during the first 2 axes, the three speakers will endeavor to present concrete cases of the techniques mentioned above in order to highlight the operational effects of the latter.




Program to come.

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