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Cyber wargaming


When information and its manipulation become essential to the confrontation between states, submarine cables, satellite communications, mobile network operators, and databases become unprecedented targets for attacks. Data mining of collected information and cryptanalysis of encrypted sensitive files, made possible by advancements in increasingly powerful supercomputers (quantum and HPC technologies), constitute significant threats to the confidentiality and integrity of this information. The performance of machine learning algorithms allows machines to execute complex tasks and provides malicious actors with new tools to harm our societies, notably through information manipulation that directly undermines our democracies and global stability.

Cybersecurity experts from European countries are joining forces with the armed forces to counter these threats amplified by artificial intelligence tools. Their mission: to protect Europe from a global Internet outage that could trigger economic and security chaos on a planetary scale. A race against time is underway to ensure the continuity of essential services, the integrity of data despite potential leaks, the security of supplies and logistics chains, and the defense of citizens' rights.


Topics : Interception of communications, eavesdropping on submarine cables, attacks on satellite communications and operator networks, connected objects (including land, sea, and air transport vehicles), and analysis of data obtained by machine learning AIs to combat information manipulation and ensure the integrity of our data and communications.


Sponsors this year are: Aibus, Amossys, Astek, Seela, Yogosha, Chaire CNI/TUM, Chaire Navale, Cyber Test Systems, DGA-MI, PEC.


Program to come.

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