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Cyber & societal issues


Cybersecurity is a real challenge for all of us! Individuals, professionals, organizations of all sizes are concerned. The Pôle d’Excellence Cyber, supported by its members, is committed, and works on diversity and inclusion within the sector to enrich and expand it.


Thus, an ECW day is dedicated to this theme to highlight the work that is carried out throughout the year but also to share testimonies and initiatives from members and partners of the PEC with the public of the 'ECW.


The challenges of strengthening the professional community in the face of a job market suffering from a shortage of talent remain more relevant than ever. We need to develop the attractiveness of the sector for all audiences, particularly among women who remain under-represented in the sector.


To do this, we are continuing the “cadettes de la cyber” initiative launched in 2021 with the launch of a 4th promotion during ECW 2024. Indeed, each year we measure the positive impact both for the “cadettes” and for their mentors. Many “cadettes” contribute to the attractiveness of cyber professions through their long-term commitment and their daily enthusiasm for promoting them.


As every year, we will organize a series of testimonies from women representing a diversity of backgrounds in the field of cyber. We hope that sharing their professional success and development will be an invitation for others to start or to make themselves known.


A second axis developed within the PEC in 2022 to respond to the shortage of talent is to work on the integration of neuro-atypical profiles, a large number of whom remain unemployed, mainly due to a lack of support in training and then in access to employment.


At ECW 2023, we shared and published a practical guide for the professional integration of these profiles.

In 2024, we will illustrate this with testimonies of concrete cases of integration, with the participation of the different types of actors concerned.


Obviously, we continue to promote the manifesto for inclusion put in place in 2022 to expand its number of signatories but above all so that it translates into real results that our round tables will be an opportunity to share through testimonies.


For ECW 2024, we will have the pleasure of welcoming Numeum's president, Véronique Torner, whose societal commitment is well established and who will share with us the initiatives launched in the field of Cyber.


Program to come.

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