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Security and AI by DGA


The European Symposium on Security and AI (ESSAI) will hold its first edition during European Cyber Week (ECW) on November 20 and 21, 2024.

This event, co-organized by AMIAD (Agence Ministérielle de l'Intelligence Artificielle de Défense) and INRIA (French national institute of research in digital science and technology), feature a program of three themed sessions focusing on:

  • The security of artificial intelligence systems, covering topics such the integrity (adversarial examples, poisoning, backdoors) and privacy (reconstruction of training data) of data.

  • The use of artificial intelligence to strengthen cybersecurity (supervision, log analysis, pentesting guided by AI …).

  • The malicious use of generative artificial intelligence (deepfakes detection, traceability of generated data, LLM jailbreaking).


Participants will attend presentations given by national and international researchers whose work has been accepted at leading artificial intelligence and security conferences.

This deliberately interdisciplinary symposium will highlight a variety of fields of application, covering, among other topics, the challenges of artificial intelligence applied to defense, healthcare, or the media. It offers participants a more complete and diversified understanding of the challenges and opportunities in these areas.


Program to come.

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