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Training day


The training day is built close to the training exhibitors for greater information and orientation dynamics. It brings together high school students for round-tables discussions on careers and training paths but also a wider public on career transition. The training day also includes the high school challenge « CTF Capture the flag » whose final will be followed by the award ceremony.

The aim of the training day is to give high school and university students, as well as professionals in career transition, a better understanding of cybersecurity professions and training courses, and to provide them with information and guidance tools. This training day is designed to be interactive, with specialists providing concrete answers to current questions and questions from young people or adults in career transition. Cybersecurity professions deserve to be better known, as they offer real opportunities.

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9h00 Round table 1: Courses available after a Bac

From general or technological high school, various courses allow to discover digital and cybersecurity. These courses can be taken as student, apprentice or in continuing training, with a view to immediate integration, but also with opportunities for further studies. This round table, made up of various players in the field of training (initial, work-study or continuing training) from the French national education system, private education and higher education, will show the richness of a training offer that is sometimes unknown.


10h30 Round Table 2 - Possible further studies after Bac +2 or Bac +3

The demand for cybersecurity specialists is only increasing. A person working in this field is almost certain to find a job to his or her liking, whether in a large company, a government structure, an SME or a startup. There are also courses in Management and other "non-digital" sectors.

Training courses in the field of cybersecurity are therefore very varied, from specialists to more cross-disciplinary fields. The training method (initial, work-study or continuing training) allow everyone to find the pace that suits them best: so many opportunities to discover through this round table discussion.


14h00 Round Table 3 - Professions and skills

Jobs in cybersecurity are varied, incorporating a wide range of technical and cross-disciplinary skills. Jobs are not limited to the "hacker" or the "penetrator". This round-table discussion, through the testimonies of professionals from different activity’s sectors, provides an overview of the range of possible careers in cybersecurity.


15h30 Round Table 4: Retraining in cybersecurity

It is possible to make a career transition / retrain in cybersecurity after a job in another field. Some skills are transferable, but others need to be acquired. This often means going back to studies. How to build your career transition path, how to find the right training, and the adequate financing : so many questions that this round table will address around professional in career transition and testimonials.


17h00 CTF Lycéens awards ceremony

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