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AI / Random number generators by DGA


Random number generators and PUF by DGA

Random Number Generators play a crucial role in cryptography implementations: they are used to generate confidential keys, initialization vectors and make it possible to randomize program executions to thwart side channel attacks. Using similar principles, Perfectly Unclonable Functions (PUF) are used in order to watermark electronic ships and protect them against reverse engineering.

Although needs are already important and are going to grow even higher in the future because the cryptography key sizes are going to increase (in order to follow the improvement in computational power but also because the implementation of new post-quantum primitives) the implementation of TRNG in FPGA or ASIC electronic ships with a proved level of security remains an active research area and a challenging technological topic.

The conference “Random number generators and PUF by DGA” organized by DGA-Maîtrise de l’information and CREACH LABS with the support of Pôle d’excellence cyber, aims to bring together some of the best European teams whether they come from the academic world, the industry or administrations in order to take a cross-disciplinary look at the main stakes in terms of research, boost collaborative projects, enable PhD students and post-docs to report on the progress of their ongoing projects and provide researchers with a global and shared vision of what is currently done and the strategic directions to pursue.


Program to come.

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