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European Cyber Week

The European Cyber Week is the benchmark event in the areas of strategic study and research in cyber defense and cybersecurity. Bringing together a French and European ecosystem of excellence, rich in its diversity and the high level of its stakeholders, it is the place where all the players in the sovereign cyber sector meet.

It is also a friendly networking place for participants, opinion leaders, partners, and commercial companies.

During these 3 days, the Cyber Center of Excellence, with its public and private members, coordinates the organization of around fifteen events by promoting training, research and innovation, economic and industrial development activities. , and finally recruitment in order to respond to the European cybersecurity challenges of today and tomorrow.

Elements at your disposal

If you wish to make the event known to those around you and promote it because you are partners of ECW 2024, or simply because you are interested in the subject, the documents below can be used freely provided :

  • not to make any modifications (format, color, addition or deletion of information)

  • to be accompanied by the notice Copyright European Cyber Week 2024 -

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