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The cyber centre of excellence will organize a session dedicated to fight against information manipulation during the ECW 2024. The theme will be : “man at the heart of digital interference and manipulation of information”. This theme is major after a dense electoral year but also in a context of tense international relations, where national cohesion must imperatively be preserved/strengthened in the face of multiple threats of fractures.

A first round table will expose human vulnerabilities and associated technical tools, the legal biases used by our “informational adversaries” to make their attacks more effective and profitable, better camouflaged, as well as the associated perspectives.

A second round table will deal with the particular issue of youth, a major target of certain adversaries. Very fond of digital technology without always having the necessary perspective, it can quickly find herself proposing/adhering to theories that are harmful to community life and their full development. The tools used and possible solutions will also be presented during this session.


Program to come.

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