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International Canada session


We are delighted to announce that Canada Focus Day will return at European Cyber Week 2024, once again celebrating the relationship of trust and cooperation between France and Canada. This relationship, which is firmly rooted in the partnership between the Pôle d'Excellence Cyber and INSECM, initiated and signed at ECW 2023, will be showcased throughout this special day.

Morning: Research exchanges
The morning will be devoted to fruitful research exchanges between universities and researchers on both sides of the Atlantic. It will be a unique opportunity for our researchers to share their work, explore opportunities for collaboration and strengthen the academic links between our two nations. Lectures, presentations and round tables will be used to deepen knowledge and stimulate innovation in the field of cybersecurity.

Afternoon: Technical exchanges with INSECM

The afternoon will be marked by more technological exchanges, co-organised with INSECM. Unlike last year, when the emphasis was on companies getting to know each other, this year we'll be focusing more on cutting-edge technical exchanges (AI, Quantum, SOC, etc.). Expertise-sharing sessions will provide a framework for deepening skills and developing innovative cybersecurity solutions.


As last year, the Canadian Embassy in Paris is accompanying this mission, demonstrating the importance it attaches to this strategic partnership. Their support will be essential in strengthening the diplomatic and economic ties between our two countries, and in ensuring the success of this Canada Day.


Program to come.

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