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Innovations and Cyber Strategies Day


In continuation of the previous edition, COMCYBER, Nokia, Orange Innovation, and La Ruche Thales are co-organizing with the support of the Brittany Region and the Cyber Center of Excellence the "Cyber Innovations and Strategies Day."


This day, open to all participants of the European Cyber Week, will be an opportunity to discuss "Cybersecurity to sustain our societies."


More than ever, we must understand and face digital technologies with the challenge of defending our economic and societal interests; the exponential growth of innovations, uses, and possibilities of the cloud, AI, ... constantly reshuffles the cards of Cyber.


Our societies are our companies and also our public institutions, which operate in different activity sectors. To endure, they must anticipate, innovate, develop, and protect themselves in an increasingly open, complex, and interdependent technological context.

Our Society is a common good, now severely tested by increasingly effective targeted attacks on each business sector: Energy, supply chain, transport... thereby detrimental to our model of freedom of information, the guarantor of our democracy.


This day will give us the opportunity to discuss these issues that concern all of us.


Program to come.

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