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Trusted digital cities and territories facing the cyber threat


The beginning of 2024 was marked by the hacking of ENT accounts. The impact was unprecedented, affecting numerous families in more than twenty academies and over forty départements. In addition to the national outcry, the issue of cybersecurity within local authorities has once again come under the spotlight.
Why are local authorities increasingly under attack? What confidence can our citizens have in the digital services provided by local authorities? How can we ensure the resilience of public services and data protection? What about this trust in the age of generative artificial intelligence?

Organized by Rennes Métropole in partnership with the CSF (Comité Stratégique de filière des Industries de Sécurité), this half-day conference will bring together, as it has every year since 2018, experts, elected officials, representatives of local authorities and public-sector players (ANSSI, SGPI, CNIL, ...) as well as the industrial sector, to discuss the cybersecurity challenges facing cities and territories and identify concrete actions to be taken together. Feedback, round-table discussions and keynotes will punctuate this session.
In addition to these testimonials, working meetings and discussions will be organized to encourage collaboration between all our partners.
Join us and take part in the debate!


Program to come.

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