Europe’s cyber ecosystems

the rise of regional initiatives

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Uniquely positioned, the European regions hold a privileged connection to their local ecosystem.  To reach global awareness and competitive innovation in cyber security, regional authorities have a structured cooperation with their local end-users, critical industries and services, competitive and innovative SMEs, cutting edge R&D labs and training centres.

The future 2021-2027 European Union cyber security landscape will be shaped by initiatives having a direct impact on regional ecosystems such as the European Cybersecurity Centre and Network, the European digital innovation hubs and renewed smart specialization strategy in each region. This special event consists of two panel discussion aiming to explore the operational aspects and the strategic added value of developing  a multiscale approach to cybersecurity.


Visitors of the ECW are encouraged to visit the exhibition area dedicated to to the Interreg Europe CYBER project and European Cybersecurity Smart Regions, including Brittany, Estonia, Wales, North Rhine Westphalia. 


Session 1: Interreg Europe CYBER & Health 

Following the 2020-2021 COVID-19 crisis, healthcare institutions have seen a considerable increase in the number of cyberattacks and cyber threats that they face. As such, INTERREG partners and ECSO will organise the debate in the first session regarding the response by regional authorities to this increase in cyberattacks during the COVID-19 crisis. The focus will be directed to not only how different regional ecosystems contributed to resist the pandemic but also partners’ mobilization on the topic of Cyber & Health.

The session will be moderated by ECSO and speakers include Interreg Europe CYBER project partners (Brittany, Estonia, Tuscany…) which will present some good practices developed during COVID-19 crisis, European experts from ENISA. This session will be the opportunity to discover the outcomes of the S3 Pilot Action Cyber Smart Regions to present the results on the “Federated approach to cyber range” as applied to the health sector.


Session 2: Interreg Europe CYBER, interregional cooperation and the new EU Cyber Framework

Europe can count on several ‘hot spots’ where Research & Innovation and training institutes, as well as end-users and public administrations work closely together. In the near future, these hot spots are also expected to become in the future European Digital Innovation Hubs – EDIHs which will become the new piece of a complex puzzle of the European landscape. How all the different pieces will fit in this landscapes and how European Commission will support them will be at the heart of this panel discussion.  

This will not only include the Interreg Europe CYBER project but also EDIHs (e.g. Castilla y Leon), specialised ecosystems (e.g. eurobits) and the role of the European Cybersecurity Competence Centre (ECCC) bringing about an active discourse on European cyber-resilience and competitiveness of European cybersecurity industry.