EuropeAN cyber ecosystems benchmark

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The geopolitics of cybersecurity and cyber defense is changing. Yet, the level of protection in Europe is not keeping pace with the accelerating threat, both state and criminal. On the field, public and private actors are organizing under the joint impetus of Member States and European institutions. To build a true European industry and a common cybersecurity, Europe needs all its strength and build bridges between the different centers of excellence. The inter-pec session will therefore focus on the structuring of national ecosystems in order to understand how each one organizes its response to the threat but also, to the cooperation to be delivered between these ecosystems and their actions to provide a common response.



Moderated by Danilo D’Elia, Senior Policy Manager of European Cyber Security Organization


13:30 - Opening speech by Amiral Arnaud Coustillière, President of the Pôle d’excellence Cyber


13:45 - Round table 1 : How to build a concrete European cooperation in cyber ?


Dr Vincent Lenders, Founding Director of the Cyber-Defence Campus and the head of the Cyber Security and Data Science Department at Armasuisse (Confirmed)

Mr Oliver Vaartnou, President of the Estonian Defence Industry Association, CEO of Cybernetica (Confirmed)

Ms Christine Skropke, Head of Public Affairs of secunet Security Networks AG (confirmed)

Neil Sandford, Office of the First Minister, International Relations and Trade for the Welsh Government (Confirmed)


15:00 : Break