tuesday November 19th

Develop digital skills to prepare Europeans to the 21st century challenges

09:00-09:10 : Official opening

Special guest: Maria-Manuella CATRINA, Former State Secretary for Digital Affairs, Republic of Romania (RO)

09:10-10:30 : Session 1 - 85% of the jobs in 2030 do not yet exist: how to prepare Europe?


  • What are the initiatives to streghten employees's digital skills training?

  • What is the impact of technologies and automation on the anticipation and analysis of skill needs?

  • How to ensure safe and responsible use of the Internet in a connected world?

  • How to fully benefit from opportunities brought by digital?

  • Q&A with the public

Chaired by: Kaja KALLAS, Member of the Estonian Parliament, leader of the Estonian Reform Party (EE)

  • Aroua BIRI, doctor in cyber security, reservist of the National Education, founder of FRCYBER (FR)

  • Maria-Manuella CATRINA, Former State Secretary for Digital Affairs, Republic of Romania (RO)

  • Merle MAIGRE, executive vice-président at CybExer Technologies (EE)

  • Martin MEYRIER, Vice-President, Economy, Innovation, Crafts and SMEs, Britanny Council (FR)

  • Patrick O'SHEA, president of the University of Cork (IE)

10:30 - 11:00 : Break


11:00-12:30 : Session 2 - What tools can be implemented to increase digital skills of citizens?


  • Should we develop a national educational sector dedicated to digital security?

  • How to make sectors of digital professions attractive from high school?

  • What are the skills needs in France? And what cooperation to put in place?

  • Should we integrate individual learning through technologies (MOOC, Webinair, …)?

  • What inclusive education policies for secure digital uses?

  • Q&A with the public


Chaired by: Pierre-Alain RAPHAN, Member of Parliament, vice-president of the parliamentray group of studies on E-democraty (FR)

  • Natalie CHAMPION, national leader of the Greta network in the field of private security, Ministry of National Education (FR)

  • Patrick ÉRARD, Deputy general manager of the Cyber Center of Excellence in charge of the training (FR)

  • Jean-Marc LOESER , Development director at ESIEA Group (FR)

  • Jean-Nicolas ROBIN, PhD in Law, Attorney at Law

12:30-12:45 : Closing Speech

By Lieutenant-Colonel Luís Salomão CARVALHO, head of NATO MultiNational Smart Defence Project on Cyber Defence Education & Training, national co-pilot for the European Union Military Training Group - Cyber Defence Discipline (PT)

The Parliamentary meeting on Cyber gathered MP's, civil servants, businesses and academics around major issues on cybersecurity and trust. Launched in 2016 in Rennes, their objectives are to create conditions for a relevant public-private dialogue on how France and the EU deal with digital sovereignty.


For this 5th edition, debates will be focused on digital skills. In the near future, it is predicted that nine out of ten jobs will require digital skills, including sectors such as farming, energy, education and teaching. Despite this, Europe’s digital skills deficit is widening.The European Commission report that 169m Europeans – between the age of 16 and 74, which accounts for 44% – do not have the basic digital skills they will need, neither cybersecurity culture.

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